A dream has finally come true!

A big thanks to all of you who have contributed with donations and help, both large and small. Without you, the big dream would not have been possible to fulfill.


Sponsorship and what it means for the children



This means a lot for the Home and especially for each child to have a sponsor. With a sponsor, the Home will be able to send the child to a better education. For the child it means a fixed point in life. All these children are abandoned by their parents for various reasons. Having a sponsor for the child also means that they have someone who actually cares about them therefore they are no longer "orphans", which also gives a certain status in the community. They are no longer just a "poor orphan" but now have been given the same opportunities as all other children in normal family situations.

For the "sponsors" it also means a lot. One gets the opportunity to help someone who really needs it while also experiencing a lot of pleasure that contact with the child provides. And last but not least, one gets a few trips to this wonderful country if you wish to visit the child.


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